Friday, July 22, 2011

1st Malaysian Playboy Bunny Refuses To Strip For Magazine

KUALA LUMPUR Felixia Yeap is the first woman from Malaysia who became Playboy bunny. But do you imagine the first loveliness of her body. Because the former 25-year-old kindergarten teacher did not undress.

Chinese media reports, if there is perceived either Felixia Yeap feel about the bunny girls.

"Our job is to serve and entertain, there is no such thing as removing the clothes," said Felixia Yeap.

Felixia Yeap contracted Macau Playboy Club bunny girl so. Felixia Yeap is currently still in training before the end of the job.

"What is difficult is now serving. We can not bend the body, knees and feet should move, "said Felixia Yeap.

Felixia Yeap Born in Kuala Lumpur who grew up in Ipoh was admitted, Felixia Yeap parents support this new career.

"I did not say anything about my work, but my mother's support," Felixia Yeap said.


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