Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Entourage Season 8 In NYC

Over seven seasons, HBO's Entourage, was always a group of supporters - the line purists, if you will - who prefer a series of debauchery controlled parties, receptions Highest Hollywood full-flowing drinks, heavy weeds and loose women. If Doug Ella creation came as the premiere episode of Entourage last season completely dry party.

No alcohol, no drugs. Ok, still tour bus full of women (literally), but things have changed in the house, built by Vince.

One might wonder what the hearty fans would think. You have matured as he tried Entourage: normal frivolous, without the risk of the story Maserati round fired at the end of the season seven, the police demand bloody Vince in a small bag of contraband. Ups.Sezona 8 opener, followed by three months, a clear head Vince (Adrian Grenier) leaves rehabilitation with a new lease on his career and stupid idea for a film in his brain.


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