Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Real Housewives of New York 2011

Fans who thought that all the drama queens Real Housewives of New York City had to offer in this season may well be thinking, if the meeting cast episode on Monday night will be seen to push the edge, confirmed costar Cindy Barshop.

"We sat there screaming at each other for eight hours. It is not normal!" single mother of twins tells Weekly Barshop previous two meetings special. "I can say that people from the couch. It's crazy."

As can be seen throughout the season, they threw their "Blondes vs. Brunettes battle for unification continues, says Barshop, a member of" brunettes "alliance with Kelly Bensimon, Luan de Lesseps, Kelly Bensimon and Jill Zarin.

Alex then promised that Luan is pushing its own side of the ship. Well, hell. Where is the fun, right? Minus 5th

Sonja bought a pregnancy test in Ramona. This is a sign of a good friend. Plus six

Leopard and twins run back and forth to the bathroom, until Ramona finally able to pee.

At least Pellegrino Ramona drank Pinot than before she got the results. Not pregnant. At least Mario is relieved. More Story


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